Truly Simple is
Truly Green

When it comes to sustainability, we’re always making our grass-fed a little greener. Our sustainable, humane forms of ranching and meat production make the most of our livestock, land, water and air. Here's how we’re protecting our natural resources all the way from the pasture to your plate.


Our wastewater treatment plants also generate energy-rich biogas. Capturing this naturally available fuel reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. Right now, we’re able to produce 10% of our energy needs from renewables, and we’re committed to reaching 30% by 2023. We saved 56,000 backyard barbecues worth of gas in 2017.


We put thousands of acres of undeveloped, rugged grasslands to good use. These areas aren’t suitable for crop farming but are full of the hardy grasses that cattle love to eat. It’s a literal grassroots effort, building up roots, cycling nutrients and promoting ground cover with every chomp.  Source. And our dedicated ranchers are proud stewards of this land, which is often passed down for generations.


All animals deserve humane treatment and dignity. That’s why our cattle live their entire lives outside in sprawling pastures, and our ranchers take personal responsibility for their livestock, giving them the care and respect they deserve. All of our facilities are AAWCS-certified: the gold standard for animal welfare practices.

Our cows receive absolutely no antibiotics or hormones. Zero, zip, nada.


Conserving water starts with our wastewater treatment facilities, where we reuse and recycle water used during production. Our Asset Management team also continuously develops water conservation methods, and we train our employees to follow the industry’s best practices for water usage. We reused 186 million bottles of water in 2017 and we’ve invested $40 million toward energy and water projects.