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We’re 100% dedicated to 100% grass-fed beef that’s never, ever supplemented with grain. Our cattle spend their lives freely roaming in open fields, grazing away. Because, while any form of beef is a complete protein with all of the nine essential amino acids, Truly Simple® Grass Fed raises the bovine bar.
Grass fed isn’t just about what cows eat. It’s about how they eat. Our cows live happy, free-range lives in expansive fields under blue skies, grazing on natural grasses and nutrient-rich forages. What else is on the menu? Nothin’. Just like nature intended.
A Savory Source of Nutrients
Each perfectly portioned serving of Truly Simple® Grass Fed is an excellent source of protein, iron and zinc – nutrients essential to any diet. Protein is, of course, the basis for the entire body, making up part of nearly every tissue and organ from head to toe. The iron found in red meat helps blood supply oxygen throughout the body, and zinc is crucial for the immune system to work at its best. Source
Fine-Tuned Fats
Grass-fed beef tends to be leaner than grain fed, which means it contains less fat and has fewer calories per serving. But the fats it does have are the good kind, like CLA and omega-3 fatty acids. The total long-chain omega-3s in grass-fed beef are close to that of white fish. When stacked up against various grain-fed cuts, only grass fed had enough omega-3s to be considered a source of ‘em. Source