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While we raise our cattle on all-grass diets, we’re also raising our consumer’s expectations. Our beef is always perfectly pre-portioned, nutritious and easy to prepare. We take the hassle - and gristle - out of making dinner, so you always put your best food forward.
  • Free-range beef from one of our wide-open ranges.
  • 100% grass fed and grass finished.
  • No antibiotics. No added hormones. No preservatives. Yes delicious.
  • Perfectly portioned for full meals without a fuss.
  • Hand-trimmed so there are no unwanted bits. Just wanted bits.
  • Always 1” thick for reliable cooking times and temps.
  • Aged so every cut reaches its full, tenderized potential.
  • Vacuum-sealed, freezer burn-proof packaging so you can take your sweet time deciding how to prepare ‘em.
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